Types of Wood Moulding

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How to Paint an Accent Wall in a Large Room

Tape off moulding or other trim as needed. Cut in along the ceiling, adjoining walls and baseboard. Paint the remainder of the wall with a roller, or appropriately sized brushes if you're painting ...

How to Fasten Trim to Drywall Attached to Metal Wall Studs

Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com shows how to fasten baseboard trim, chair rail, and crown moulding to drywall attached to metal wall studs in this video.

How to Use Trim Nails

Bob Schmidt shows you the basics on how to use trim nails on some of the most common mouldings, baseboard, casing, crown moulding giving you some simple tips on how to get better results on your ...

This Man Turned His Daughter’s Basement Into the Ultimate Home Peloton Studio

I left the old paneling, as it was solidly attached to the concrete foundation, but removed the existing wiring and outlets and some old moulding ... pine trim for the baseboard and door trim.

Inside A Pretty, Pastel-Filled Condo Reno Designed By One Sister For Another

The author (left) with her sister Lindsay, sitting on a stoop in her niece Ellie’s room, which leads to an outdoor terrace.

How to Decorate Baseboard Trim & Crown Moulding

Crown molding and baseboard trim give a finished look to a room and can add a decorative element to the overall design of a space. If possible, remove existing molding before decorating it ...

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